About us

Our Mission

A quarantine hobby between mom and daughter during 2020 pandemic has turned into business to share hand poured, clean burning candles. During our candle making process, we discovered that the candles that we have been burning for years were releasing harmful, carcinogenic toxins in our homes. Many are not aware that most scented candles in the market are made of lower quality paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product that is able to hold large amount of fragrances. What we compromise when lighting these fragrant candles is inhaling of toxic benzene and toluene released (both are known carcinogens) and linked to asthma and lung cancer. In addition, many of the dyes and fragrances added to wax contains phthalates and other harmful chemicals that pollutes the air in your home.
What is the difference with our candles? Our candles are 100% soy, sourced here in the US. We are only using premium fragrances, free from phthalates, and most importantly we do not source any fragrances that have chemicals on California’s Prop 65 list. We forego all dyes and only use lead-free, cotton wicks.
High quality, clean burning fragrant candles don’t have to be pricey either. Our candles aren’t just for special occasions. Shady Grove Candles are affordable to be enjoyed every day in your home—guilt free.